The Fall

Ever have something bad happen and not know how to come back? Totally happened and still happening to me.

I know you must be thinking – bad things happen to everyone and you just need to suck it up and get over it. But in all reality that is one of the easiest thoughts to have that is also one of the most impossible to bring into reality.

In a very short span of time I lost everything I held very dear to me. Yes, they were only things, but they brought me joy. Joy is very hard for me to come by these days. I learned to live without them and thought I was going to be ok and get through this. I kept thinking it was a depression cycle and the sun will shine again and my days will be bright and full of happiness. Those thoughts were very short lived.

What hurts the most…. more than anything else… is the loneliness. Part of it I bring on myself and I will get to that bit but the rest is hard to deal with. It’s hard not having anyone and feeling like if something happened to you, no one would know. I’m terrified of something happening to me at home and no one would bother to check up on me for weeks. It’s a scary thought to think that I am that alone.

I build up the courage and reach out to see people but they always cancel or have something better to do. I get druken texts from my ex – Red – and then he acts like I don’t exist and I was a complete mistake the next day. My phone never rings, or dings, or beeps with any notifications for weeks. It’s lonely and it hurts when you are a person that needs contact with other people. I honestly enjoy going to work every day because I know people are going to be there that talk to me and actually see me. They don’t see through me or make me feel like I am mistake. My coworkers ask how I can come to work every day with smile on my face and greet them with the most pleasant “Good Morning” and no matter what is asked of me, I never complain. I wish I could tell them the truth and respond, “because out side of this office, I don’t matter.” But of course I can’t say that, I just respond a classic, “just glad I get to live another day.” When really I’m dreading the end of the day when I walk out that door and I don’t matter to anyone any more.

Now the part of loneliness I bring on myself is because I wound up in an affair. I know, I know, I’m a horrible person. It happens. When you’re at your darkest point and someone reaches out to embrace you, you really don’t care. You just want to feel arms wrapped around you and your whole body warm from a few simple kind words. If you couldn’t tell, it’s not like I see him much. I am still alone and have to hold my teddy bear to fall asleep at night. I get the classic lines from him too – and they are good ones. My favorite is, “I’m talking to a divorce lawyer,” or “I really can’t take it anymore.” Oh, they are magnificent. Dude, I know he isn’t going to leave her, not anytime soon at least. I don’t need the hope, I just need the company or the thought someone is thinking of me. I’m not getting it in the best way, but I’m not sleeping around all over the place either. My favorite thing that he does is text me how beautiful I look every morning. Oh did I mention I work with him. Yeah, the plot is thick honey. Last time I was really depressed, you know he showed up at my house with flowers and one of his t-shirts for me to sleep in. He helped me move when no one else would and I didn’t have the money to pay for movers. I let him complain to me about his wife when I really have no remorse. I mean if how she was, was really a problem he would change it. But he doesn’t hear that from me. He just needs someone to vent to and tell him – that sucks – and he has no one. On one hand it’s very bad and on the other we are a support system for each other. It does effect me a bit more because I am the one alone with no real person to talk to. I have this blog that I have been neglecting because I lost my desire to write. I lost my desire to feel – anything. I could easily become an alcoholic. Only if I had a lot of money. Then I could just drink beer (all I like is beer) and lounge around and tell the world to fuck it, and be driven around like Daisy. I would love for someone to just drive me around places.

All joking aside, I know I have to end the affair. I’m not stable enough to right now. I think if I lost him, I would really lose my mind. He is the only one I have that would think someone is wrong if I disappeared. Seriously, what has my life become?

Fuck it, I’m going back to smoking weed. This feeling the woes of my existence crap is not helping. Here’s the plan- I’m going back to smoking and I’m going to learn to play the guitar my dad got me and I’m going to pour my feelings into music. I mean why not? It’s time to try something new. Well, that is where I’m at now. At least I’m back to writing so there’s my start.

I’m falling and I really don’t know how to get back up,

Mental Case


Wanting A Friend But People Suck So My Wants Are Pointless. Awesome.

Ever just had it? Yeah, that’s where I’m at right now.

Awesome place to be, le’me tell you. I’m just a bit numb to it all at this point. I think that is my mind’s way of coping. Just so much stress was coming down on me at once. The majority of it was self-induced, I admit, but it’s just hard processing all of it at once. Now, I’ve had some time alone to argue with myself and realize a few things. I’m drained. Completely exhausted.

My car stuff is external stress. I had to deal with the bank on that yesterday. I’m trying to pay someone and the bank is preventing me from doing so. They said the fraud department called to verify a check but I was unable to answer when they called. The bank lady on the phone started getting rude because I didn’t answer the call. One – I have an irrational fear of talking on the phone with people I don’t know. Two – They didn’t leave a voicemail. How was I supposed to know they called if I have no message explaining they did so. You seriously think I’m going to call the number back and say “I received a call from this number and I’m trying to figure out what’s up”. Get the fuck out. If you are going to call someone, don’t half ass and hang up after a few rings. Put in maximum effort and leave a message. In it to win it people. But what really gets me is that I verified the check when I wrote it so I wouldn’t have to deal with this. They said it was because the name was written funny. I didn’t have a hard surface to write on when I was writing in the name. But the verification was already done and they read me the note made on the account verifying the check the day before it was deposited. End of the story, I had to re-verify the check when it was already verified. Just..ugh.

So that was fun and I completely believe I am cursed.

Things are getting better and I’m just having a tough go at it right now. The loneliness is what really gets me. It always does when getting over a break-up. I’m used to talking with someone every day and then nothing. What’s worse is when they were the only person you talked to, so the phone never rings. This is a little pathetic, I still take my lunch during the time he would call me everyday, just in case he calls. I know he won’t, but…it’s what I do. I’m almost done building the bridge to get over him. I think this week is going to continue to be crap and next week things are going to start turning around.

I’m totally ready to get back to my normal crazy instead of the emo-crying-sappy-girl version of my crazy. The crying at night isn’t helping the bags under my eyes at all. I’m telling you, realizing how alone I am really hits me at night. I even have two dogs that basically sleep on top of me and I still feel alone. What is this need to be with someone? Oh yeah, I’m almost 30 and I’m freaking the fuck out!

I have started the passport process and sticking to an exercise plan. Totally got that Adulting award in the bag already.
And I haven’t checked my phone to see if he called or texted. If I could split into two, mitosis style, I would give myself a huge hug. I’m going to be ok. Everything is going to be ok. I just need to go to Goodwill and buy up a bunch of glass and ceramic dishes then smash them all to get out my anger I’ve been holding in against him and the world. Wait, I have no where to smash dishes. I feel if I did it at my house the neighbors would call the police and THAT’S JUST NOT COOL, BRUH!

See this is why I need friends! A friend would have a place I could smash dishes. Tonight is going to suck so I will counter with a bubble bath while watching “Two Can Play That Game” and get a bit stoned. Tomorrow is required to be better. You hear me Tomorrow, you will be better!

Wanting a friend but people suck so my wants are pointless,

Mental Case

Are You Actually Being Serious

Ever get to turn down a rich powerful CEO who thought he could still get something from you? Oh Yes! It finally happened to me!

Oh honey, it’s like the best feeling in the whole wide world. It might just feel really good right now because I heard these 2 ladies I work with talking about me earlier and they were not saying very nice things. A lot was about my weight. One that really kind of hurt was, “she wasted all that money on weight loss surgery to still be fat.”

Like really? Excuse me ma’am, who the fuck do you think you are?

I didn’t say anything. I’m an angel just flying over the bullshit. When I turned around and walked away, I heard a gasp. I was just stopping by to explain an invoice one of ladies left in my office asking for me to find where it came from. Didn’t know it was a Hate on Mental party.

(I know you are wondering what happened with Red, and I will get there – promise. )

That got me a bit down, but then something magical happened. My old boss called me from my last job (you know the one I was sleeping with and had the wife that was my supervisor – in the first post if you missed it). I don’t know why I answered, but something compelled me to do so. He is in town for business and wanted to meet up for drinks and, in his own words, “your specialties hehe.” Like really? I had to find another job in different state because of you and you’re going to call me up and ask for my specialties, like right off dick. Are you actually being serious? I got to do a Oh-No-You-Didn’t-Hair-Flip and tell him to fuck off. Does feel pretty good. But with the ups do come the downs.

Ok, I need get out the Red mess. I know I need to, I just don’t want to. See what had happened was…..

After I left that morning. He didn’t even know I read those messages. He sent me a text later saying that trees were down everywhere at his work and power was out in a few cabins. In my crazy, but brilliant, girl way I responded, “It was a crazy storm my mountain flower.” Five minutes later my phones starts ringing. I didn’t answer and hit the ignore button every time. He sent a text asking to talk. I was at work and didn’t want to deal with that mess yet, so I told him I would call him when I got off work. When I called him, he said he made a mistake when he was drunk and he never should have sent those messages and he doesn’t know what he was thinking. I responded, ” I had to ask you to tell me I looked nice and you go and give up compliments and beautiful words to girls who couldn’t care less about you.” He then went on this explanation of how awful his past relationships are and he was always used to being yelled at. I stopped him and said, “just because the people you chose to be with in your past were shit, doesn’t mean I’m going to be the same way. I’m an amazing person. I support you. I appreciate you. I respect you. I make you laugh. I held you when you cried. I do things without you asking. I listened when you needed to vent. I listened to you talk about your exes and took it like a fucking champ. I don’t need you in the least but choose to be with you. I love you. And in return you take me for granted and think I’m a fucking idiot and give/seek attention from other girls. Do I not deserve it?” I didn’t hear from him any more that night.


He showed up at my house and when I opened the door he dropped to his knees and gave the most heart felt apology that made me feel like he really did love me and was terrified to lose me. We just held each other for awhile and didn’t say a word. It felt like being home wrapped in his arms…..

Then, I woke up and realized it was a dream and immediately when to the freezer to seek comfort from the only men who have always been there for me – Ben & Jerry. Oh, they know my heart. I’m still a bit lost when it comes to Red. It’s hard to explain. When your brain and heart never agree, life can be a bit complicated. I don’t know the future, so what comes next is a complete mystery. I just hope it feels better than this.

Masking my sadness like a ninja,

Mental Case


My Mountain Flower

Ever realize you’re too smart for your own good? Totally happened to me.

Alright, so I had a slight crazy girl moment……

Warranted something was a bit off, and he greatly underestimates me……….his phone went off and I saw the text. I’m a smart lady, I knew how to unlock his phone.  I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t see what the text said. Reading the conversation and being the romantic that I am, I understand.

It’s not what he said that angered me so, but when he said it. To add to the fun, there was more than one. Six in total. I know I slipped up right at the beginning but I got it together when I believed he deserved one hundred percent – which was really quick, stupid slip up – yes, but it happened. When I saw the first text, then read through them… you know the rabbit hole just sucks you in…I broke a bit. What kept me from breaking too much was the pictures of these ladies. What was that saying from that one comic… don’t fuck down, you fuck up. I do have the confidence in myself and what these ladies and their pictures (multiple might I add of all of them-it was seriously a bit extra) revealed of themselves, he went down. I know I’m a bit mental and I made my mistakes, but when it’s worth it, I’m all in. I was all in.

I grabbed my things and left. He was passed out. Had been for awhile. I didn’t say anything; I just left. I’m not going to contact him yet. I’m not ready. I left it on the screen of the conversation. There is a strong possibility he might not get it. He won’t even realize I saw it all. I’m almost slightly offended how stupid he must think I am. I do think it through and question if I can really be upset? I was in a situation and that passion got ahold of me and things got out of control. I forgave myself and moved on. You have to. But this is multiple ladies, and they are getting all the attention that I used to get at the beginning – the very beginning. He said such sweet things to them. I admit I’m jealous. One of them-Stephanie, I have heard about because he likes to talk about his exes sometimes. She was the one before me who moved to Kentucky. He gave her money to help her move and gave her more money when her things got stolen, and I had an internal issue, but he was helping a friend and I didn’t want to think too much into it to save myself the stress. He wrote…

“I loved you. I wish I had the stones to tell you when you where in my arms. You are and will always be my mountain flower.”

Like, (grasping my chest) ouch-my pride. Such lovely emotion, but not towards me. His words were so beautiful to her. I was with him the night he sent her that, which was last night. It really sucks seeing you were with him when all these conversations were taking place. I can recall the exact place I was when he was talking to them. Many times right beside him. I’m just a bit broken. I know it’s caddy, but I think I’m able to keep a terrifyingly calm about this because I feel I am and look a decent bit better than these girls. It’s horrible to say. I should feel bad about it, but it’s all I got. I believe in this circumstance though, it is allowed.

You know what that extra little jab was – he sent her a text every morning and every night, and he called her, “my mountain flower,” in each one. Attention like that didn’t come to me.

I’m going to be still for awhile and meditate on this.

I swear I’m worth it, all of it, but maybe just not to him.

A bit broken,

Mental Case

Arguing with Thy Self

Ever want to talk to someone about something but you play it out in your head first then end up arguing with yourself about how you reacted and just realize you’re not going to have the conversation with the actual person because it played out badly in your head? Totally happening to me.

I’m a little extra stressed lately and avoiding alcohol. I have broken down and smoked twice but only a few hits. When drinking, I always drink too much and i’m sick for days after and I get extremely depressed and cry and think that everything would be better if I wasn’t here. So….. I’m just not drinking. When smoking, I only can do a few hits and I’m relaxed and it’s the only way I can get an appetite to eat lately. I really never feel hungry anymore because of the surgery and have been very forgetful lately about eating and a whole day will go by and I haven’t eaten at all. I realized I didn’t eat dinner for the past 4 days.  Part of that could be the stress.

Let’s talk about stress. I’m going on a deep sea fishing trip with my Dad and a few family friends for his birthday. I’m really excited. I can do rough seas and that bit isn’t what is stressing me out, it’s more the ride down there. I don’t travel that great when someone else is driving or I can’t smoke. Well, that is part of it. The other part is one of the family friends going – her and my mom had a really bad fall out a few years back and she can be a bit of a bitch – you would say – and I don’t want her to start any drama with me. One reason they got into a fight is because she said some very un-nice things about me to my mom and that started the fight between them. You never speak ill of someone else’s children that way. Like if you need to tell someone something unfortunate about their child, there is a proper way to do it that is not like your are punching them in the face with words – you know what I mean?

The person I used to be doesn’t exist anymore. I have grown up a bit and learned from my mistakes and got my shit together. Quite well if I might add. She is one of those women that will say things to start drama and loves to stir a pot and just be dramatastic to the max. Completely unpleasant sometimes. I just don’t want her to come at me. She hasn’t seen me since I have lost the weight and being larger was a lot of her distaste towards me. She looks at overweight people like you would at used condoms on the street. Yeah, imagine that face. I know it will be ok. I’m extremely pleasant and Southern F*ck You is my first language. I would never do anything to cause drama on my Dad’s trip. But if she comes at me sideways for anything, I will calmly tell her to go f*ck herself. Oh and smile. Can’t forget the smile.

With all this building stress, I have gotten back into yoga and working out and building up that stamina so when Red and I go on adventures, I don’t die. But what happens when I work out is I start thinking. Not always the best, but sometimes I surprise myself.

I realized some things about me the other day that are actually really nice. As a girlfriend, I’m kind and considerate. I don’t blow up his phone or constantly text until I get a reply. If I call once and he doesn’t pick up , I know he is busy and will call me back when he can. I take pride in myself and look nice. I don’t smother him on the couch when we sit together. I listen to his problems and let him drive my car. I understand that he is stressed out with a few things (I know what they are but they don’t need to be written down) and his words can be a bit harsh. He never meant them to hurt me, but they still did. He would always apologize later. I clean and cook. I get on with his family really well. I’m really quite happy when I’m around him because I genuinely love being around him. I’m understanding when he is too tired to see me. I’m always down for getting out and about when he wants. What I’m getting at is I think I’m a pretty decent partner. So why is it when I want to be close to him for a few minutes when laying in bed, I get told – “why don’t you move over there.” Granted he has been in a pissy mood because of something else he is dealing with and he has never said that to me before, It makes me want to scream. Ok, so you know the whole arguing with thyself thing that started this flood of words – it relates to this…

I needed to get out that first bit to get to this bit. When he asked me to leave because he wouldn’t get any sleep with the cat hissing at the dogs then was passed out before I left. I didn’t say anything to him. I simply responded, “Ok, I’ll leave in a minute.” I got quiet, looked at my dogs, then got dressed and left. I didn’t hear from him at all the next day. I didn’t text him or call, I knew he was working. I was a little sad but hey people get busy. I get over things pretty quickly, but when I didn’t hear from him at all the next day after being told I needed to go… It was kind of a let down. This happened on a Monday and I’m leaving for my trip on Thursday and won’t be back till the following Tuesday. I didn’t hear from him until Wednesday late afternoon, only after I called to see if he wanted to see me before being gone. He has been working extra hard so I knew there was a big possibility he would be too tired to get dinner and spend time together before I left. Just when the possibility becomes the reality, it’s a bit sad. Him being like that isn’t what makes me sad, it’s that I know what it is like to be greatly wanted by someone who can’t have you. He does have me, so it’s like he doesn’t try. But someone else wants me more. (And I know you are reading this, and no it’s not you Baggage. It’s the mistake I told you about that Red can’t know about. Not everything is about you lol).

I’m not asking for much, but just a simple phone call to tell me goodnight, or a text. I would prefer a phone call, they are a bit more personal. I’m not wanting constant attention, but just something more than days of nothing. So I was arguing with myself on how to talk to him about it. I don’t think it is out of line or completely unreasonable what I’m missing in our relationship. So in my head here is how it played out – Brain is him and Me is, well me:

Me: Hey darlin, can I talk to you about something.

Brain: Sure baby, whats up.

Me: You know how you can go days with out ever saying anything to me, could you at least tell me goodnight.

Brain: You know I can’t always get to my phone and when I work really hard I tend to come home and pass out.

Me: Yeah, I understand, but it would just be nice to know you thought of me at some point.

Brain: You’re right baby. I do think about you, I just get so worn out and I mean to call you, but I close my eyes and next thing I know it’s morning. I’ll call baby.


That is the best scenario I think. But then my brain did this shit.


Me: You know how you can go days with out ever saying anything to me, could you at least tell me goodnight.

Brain: I swear babe, I’m not trying to be mean but you can be clingy. I really can’t deal with that right now.

Me: You told me to move over, and I did. You tell me to leave and I do, with no argument might I add. I never text or call you when you’re at work. I don’t demand your attention when you’re watching your shows. I’m not a fucking puppy that you are having to deal with – I’m your girlfriend and a fucking amazing one at that. I support you in everything. I’ve listened to you talk about your ex because you have so much anger towards her and have never been able to let it out. And every single memory you tell me is awful and feels like a fucking punch in the face. But I take it and never say anything bad about her and never judge you for letting things go on that way for as long as they did. I don’t bring up my past because the one time I did you judged me so fast and made me feel extremely small. All I ask for is a phone call or text, it’s not like I’m asking for a compliment, which I never get, just a split fucking second of your time to feel wanted.

Brain: I can’t deal with this, you need to leave.


See my brain is a fucking dick too. I know i’m fretting on absolutely nothing and I probably won’t have that conversation with him. If he didn’t want me, then we wouldn’t be together. I know that is how simple-guy-brain works, but I have a crazy-girl-brain and sometimes she just needs a little reassurance. I really am complaining about nothing and when I’m with him, all that shit just doesn’t even matter. It’s just I know the true root of the problem is that Mistake makes me feel wanted, every day. And he isn’t the one I want to be making me feel that way. I get attention from everyone but the one man I want to get attention from. That’s exactly it.

I almost want to see how long it would take him to contact me. Let’s do an experiment. I’m driving a long distance this evening and I don’t see that great at night. He knows this and he know I’m driving a long way alone at night. We talked last night when I called before he went to bed. Haven’t heard from him at all today and it’s about 3pm now. Let’s see how long it takes for him to contact me. It’s a bit caddy and beneath me, but I am a mental case so I’ll allow it this one time. Once we have the findings, don’t worry a massive emotional overload will not happen. I’m just curious to see how long he will go without saying anything to me. It’s Thursday – day 1.

Did you not know I’m a scientist too?

Mental Case