I Have A Theory…Well A few

Ever need to distract your mind from itself? Welcome to my world. It’s great. Let’s have some fun.

Ok, if you have read my last post – The Fall – you know I’ve been going through a rough time. If you haven’t read it, you should. It’s the perfect representation of a completely dysfunctional human being making extremely horrible decisions. You’re welcome. So I need to distract my mind from itself and I was looking for a rabbit hole to dive into… and I totally found one. Well, a few.

I’m 29 and was in school when technology just started becoming accessible to the masses. Now, toddlers can use an iPad as good, if not better, than most college kids. It’s scary as fuck. Preschoolers are given tablets to learn shapes and colors instead of using those blocks you try to fit into the box. Remember that thing. Wasn’t it the best. Like if you couldn’t figure out that the square went into the square and kept trying to jam it into the star, you we definitely held back. But know, they are rewarded for the effort and not have to feel the frustration of not being able to jam the shape in the wrong whole. I digress. What I’m getting too is education, public education, has been dumbed down to the point where the dumbest kid in the class sets the pace for everyone else. My theory is that the government is thinking of the future voting potential and creating generations of sheeple they can easily control. Young adults will believe anything. You could show them a bogus headline with a made up picture and explain in the article it is completely fake, and they would never get to the article and just believe the headline and picture. No questions asked. That is scary.

I mean c’mon, Trump was actually voted president. Tell me that wasn’t to see if the Sheeple experiment is working. Who knows what is coming up next. I think there is a secret society like The Court of Owls in Gotham that is controlling things and setting up a complete cleansing for the future.

Think about it. I think Africa would be the beginning. How easy it would be for some of these greater powers to just pop in and take control from the uneducated drug lords and completely end the suffering of the occupying people. But no one has. Even with the all the Geneva Convention rules. You could even have Kanye West and some other millionaire just fly in and buy entire countries and improve the quality of life. It’s like all the great powers are just waiting until no one gives a shit and then boom, some disease is just going to wipe them all out and cleanse the whole continent as an experiment and it will be reported as some weird mutated strain of HIV. Parts of South America are pretty bad too, but I think African countries people care a lot less about at this point. Just think about, it’s a very interesting rabbit hole to fall down.

The government is creating generations of sheeple the can easily control with fake news. There might be some secret society planning to cleanse the world. It fits if you think about it.

Now another theory I have deals with the medical industry. There are less doctors and researchers because the medical industry doesn’t want to cure anything. They just want to create shit to help you live with it. The cure for certain cancers could have already been discovered and could completely destroy the chemotherapy treatment, but it won’t be released for another 100 years because the providers of chemotherapy would be closed out. Or chemo would become the cheaper more affordable treatment and they don’t want that to happen either. Nursing jobs have increased, not just because of the baby boomers aging out, but because the industry want to care for people, not treat them and make them better. Then you can go further and think about our food. Fast food is fucked with and contains stuff to make you addicted to it. That is proven. But when you think healthy food, a lot of it is created from genetic mutations to produce a ‘better’ version. What they are using to put in food or create food is causing organ failure across the bored in otherwise healthy people. Look back in history at the diet people had and a lot of places in the world, like Asian countries, their diets haven’t changed yet health of the population has greatly declined. We are creating sick people, to treat them, then making them sick again to keep coming back and seeking care. It’s a vicious cycle and has me scared. I mean my thoughts are just my thoughts and I might be completely wrong, but I feel there is some truth in it.

I need to stop. It gets scary thinking about just these 3 theories about what the future is going to be like. These are just my opinions and I have no hard evidence, mainly because if I found it I might lose my mind even more. It is a good distraction from what I explained in my previous blog. So here’s what you should take from this. When you are dealing with a rough time and feeling like me (again check out my last blog), conspiracy theories are a great distraction. I stayed away from aliens, because – well it’s aliens and that rabbit hole is ridiculously deep.

Until I have More Fuckery to Share,

Mental Case xoxo


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